Welcome to the website of Student Association Biton!

Our association is made up of a diverse group of people who –without any obligations- just like to have fun. We have no year clubs, because everyone hangs out with everyone. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior doesn’t matter to Biton.

You can find us at Lucasbolwerk, close to the City Theater in Utrecht’s inner city. After a long day of classes, people like to come in and meet up at the bar or in our backyard. We don’t believe in hazing new members; we don’t do those. We do, however, have an introduction period where you’ll get to know everyone.

Does this seem like something you’d like? Come visit us! Our address is Lucasbolwerk 16. If you want to come visit, you can send us an e-mail at info@biton.nl. More info on our association and the introduction period can be found on the pages linked below.

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